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An association of community service providers.
MARO members believe that people with disabilities are “better off working”
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The purpose of MARO is to maximize the impact of our members. 
We believe in 
The capability of every person;
Equal access; 
Unlimited opportunities and choices;
Integrity and stewardship;
The power of community.

MARO members provide employment, independent living, community living supports, skill building and rehabilitation training to thousands of people with barriers. People with severe cognitive and physical disabilities. People on welfare. People who have sustained a workplace injury and can't do their previous job. People returning from prison. MARO members help put people to work and back into the community.

Many MARO members also manufacture products for, and provide industrial services to, hundreds of Michigan companies and to the state of Michigan and the federal government. These industrial operations provide training opportunities for consumers being served in MARO agencies. Workers do industrial sewing, packaging of all kinds, parts cleaning, assembly, microfilming, machining, metal stamping and make wooden pallets, plastic trash bags, mops, paint stirrers, yardsticks, industrial wiping cloths, automotive components, picture frames, survey stakes, thermal underwear, toothbrushes and more. Over 60 MARO members provide these services throughout the state.
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